Welcome to OST Photographic Srevices

I’m pleased you stopped by OST Photographic Services. I’m local to the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack in particular. Take your time and look around. One of the most enjoyable things I do here, is restore photographs. But I’d have to say the most rewarding, is capturing the action in amateur sports or kids at play. There is much more I do here, but you’ll have to look around and hopefully enjoy… Feel free to contact me for further information on any of the services or posts I have made. Don’t forget to have a look at the “Prints”

An idea of what I do...
An idea of what I do…

Restoration Retouching and Manipulation…

Restoration is just as it sounds. Restoring a photograph to a luster and quality equal to or better than the original. (continue reading…)

Rides rods & Rigs…

This is a photographic service for anyone with a love of the mechanical works of art we spend so much time, effort and money on. Go to the Rides Rods & Rigs page for more information.

 Events & Amateur Sports…

A word about “Events OST Photographic Services is geared towards club, social, community events and private family gatherings

Candid and Casual Portraits… (Temporarily suspended)

Casual Portraiture refers to just that. Casual and informal.

Candid Portraiture is usually obtained from a distance without the subject knowing the shot was taken.

Contact me with any questions or comments…


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