Greg Moore Raceway “Weekend #1”

This was a great weekend of family fun and competition!

Kart #55 Corner #6

These “Go Karts” have come a long way from the days when we would borrow Dad’s rototiller 3 horse engine and throw it onto a homemade tube frame and race around the pasture on the farm. Rotax EngineThese karts are an engineering marvel that will rival the mechanical ingenuity of most any modern day road worthy vehicle. If you are a fan of all things mechanical the engines, steeringĀ  and braking systems are a thing of beauty. With the use of hydraulic disc brakes and engines designed specifically for the kart racing industry, you can only imagine the performance these machines are truly capable of. We were fortunate enough to have the weather cooperate as much as it did. I noticed there was a time when the rain tires were being mounted, but they will wait for another day to be used.

Disc brake assembly

This is a family oriented venue that really caters to the kids. You can find racers of all ages, but its the young ones that are really a joy to watch as they learn and grow. With concessions on site and never ending live racing, what kid would not enjoy this……….. If there is any chance you happen to be in Chilliwack area throughout the year check out the track.

Family fun @ GMR

As a volunteer at the Greg Moore Raceway, my duties conflicted with my photo taking opportunities this weekend. I did manage to capture a few good shots though. For a full viewing of the photos, go to this link…


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