Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club @ GMR

Greg Moore Raceway

Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club first official race day…April 29, 2012.

The Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club (PCMRC) has been around since 1990. Having made the Greg Moore Raceway (GMR) their home track, they have an impressive line up again this year. It all starts with the pros in their first race for the 250 cup. Situated in Chilliwack, the heart of the Fraser Valley, this track boasts 1224 meters of asphalt surface with 12 corners to negotiate. With 10 possible configurations  ranging from 400 meters to 1224 meters, it is considered to be highly technical. With riders ranging in age and experience, there is little doubt spectators will be on the edge of their seats to witness all the action. Being authorized by the  Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) the club continues to promote and support the “on pave racing of small motorcycles,” up to 250 cc, here at GMR. The riders vary in age with an average being 30, however you can find nine-year old Jake Hayes and probably someone who has been retired for several years as well. The experience is also varied. You’ll find everyone from a novice beginner to the “over the hill gang” with a wealth of information that they will gladly part with in an effort to assist any and all that are willing to listen and learn. Writing these words on this page can only give you a small glimpse into the excitement you’ll find on site. Follow the links on this page for more information on the track and the club. Then set the 29th of April aside for some FREE family fun! Check out the Facebook page as well. We all hope to see you there.



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