Photo Restoration & Repair

I recently went through a file folder on my computer named “Restoration Complete”

After looking at all these photos, I began to realize I really didn’t have a good representation on my blog of the work I do. So I put the original photo alongside the restored photo and then posted a good number of them on a separate page.

I included color photos that were badly composed, poorly lit, and “junk” in the background. Even a Polaroid that was so damaged I almost didn’t repair it. The first photo in this series was done for my son. He’s the little one in the picture. This snap shot was taken with my old Nikon FE and a Tamron 35-135 lens. My wife simply picked up the camera, turned it on (including the flash) and snapped the shot without any setting changes. That’s why the shadows and glare from the wall are so prevalent. The choir shot was a fun photo to work with. This photo was taken after a performance as they were relaxing.

Old Photo of a PhotographerThen I added some of the old B&W photos I’ve retouched. Most of these were snap shots taken many years ago most likely with a box camera and 220mm film. The lens quality on these twin lens reflex cameras is questionable at best, thus making the final product “questionable” as well. A few of these were probably taken with a camera that would resemble the one on the left. This shot is of a photographer with his equipment in the 1850’s. Some of the photos restored were the only prints known to exist. That is an honor.

The other issue with this type of work is the size of the photo being restored. The first four (4) black & white photos were less than three (3) inches on the longest side. You can’t tell by the way these are portrayed that each one when finished is an 8×10 or larger. The Polaroid for example is 12×12.

Have look for yourself. Please leave a comment on your thoughts.



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