Greg Moore Raceway Weekend #2

Club Races #2 & #3

Title Shot

We had the Second & Third of Ten club races this last weekend. It was too bad that Mother’s Day fell on the Sunday, so I didn’t make the third race. (But I did have a nice time with Mom)

Zoom ShotI did manage to get a few shot off on Saturday though. We had the “GMR RACENOW! Challenge” event as well. This event was put in place late last year. It is designed and geared towards the individuals or groups that would like to experience the thrill of racing without buying all the necessary equipment that is required. For a cost of less than $300.00 per day each driver will be supplied the following by one of the“Kart Dealers”:

  • A Sprint Kart
  • Fuel, tires and a transponder bracket 
  • Helmet, drivers suit, gloves and rib vest

The Club (WCKC) will supply:Kart in #9

  • Transponders
  • Fifteen minute driver briefing before going out on the track
  • A waiver form

Included is a full “Race Day” This means you get three practice sessions, a qualifying session, one heat race and a final event race.

That’s not bad at all. You don’t have to worry about mechanics, tires, or any safety equipment. Its all supplied. For the official version  go to the website…(WCKC)

Kart #72

The sponsoring Dealers are:


This coming weekend, May 18 – 20, we will be hosting the largest race of the year for this track and club. The Western Canadian Championships. (WCC) The competitors in this event are the biggest names in Canadian karting. They could very well be next professional open wheel racers your kids will watch in the future. You will enjoy all the thrills and spills as they happen. Just show up at the track this weekend any time after 9:00 AM. Find out more by clicking on this link. Hope to see you there.


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