Rotary Trail – Chilliwack

The Chilliwack / Vedder River and the Rotary trail

Vedder River

Did you know that the Chilliwack / Vedder River actually starts in the North Cascades National Park in Washington State? South of the Vedder Bridge is the Chilliwack River and it flows north across the International boarder into the southern end of Chilliwack Lake. It then flows in a westerly course almost parallel to the boarder. When the river reaches the Vedder Bridge, it becomes the Vedder River from that point on.

Vedder Bridge

In 1875 heavy rain flooded the area and resulted in the diversion of the river into two streams, known today as Vedder and Luckakuck Creek. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the Chilliwack Vedder River was diked creating the Vedder Canal. It was was built to carry the flow of the Vedder River to the Sumas and Fraser Rivers to prevent flooding the surrounding farmlands and towns. This drainage system and the Sumas Drainage Canal are responsible for turning Sumas Lake into the Sumas Prairie. Getting back to the Trail…

Vedder River

This popular Rotary Trail runs for 15.5km along the north dyke of the Vedder River. It is a fantastic trail for walking, running, cycling or horseback riding.

Vedder Trail Horses

Parking areas can be found at Vedder, Peach, Lickman, and Sumas Prairie Roads. With easy access such as this, you don’t have to carry you picnic lunch or fishing gear very far to enjoy the river. Oh, I really should mention the fishing in this river is fantastic. More on that subject at a later date.

Vedder RiverPeeking at the Vedder

I find this trail is such a stress reliever. I can sit there and listen to water flow, the birds, watch the eagles or geese and just generally unwind. Or if you’re really stressed, you can run the 15 or so kilometers to really burn it off. However you look at it, this is another beautiful spot in this Valley we call home.


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