What do you see…

What do you see when you walk through your neighborhood? I took a walk down the street and photographed some of the things I see. I wonder if the way we see things isn’t reflecting how we think. You know…”the positive attitude verses the negative attitude” Take a look at these two photos. They are both the same tree, same camera and lens.

a comparison

These were taken while a friend and I were sitting and having coffee one afternoon. We were chatting about photos and photography. He commented how my photos always looked better than his. (his words not mine) My camera was sitting on the table so I asked him to take shot of what he saw when he looked at the neighbor’s tree. I should mention he knows how to use the camera. He snapped a shot and then after he was satisfied, I took the camera and shot a photo of the same tree with the same camera. The difference is how we see things. Incidentally, I like his shot of the tree.

Getting back to my walk…I took these shots of the landscaping some of the people have done in their front yards. I tried to focus on private seating areas, the use of existing old growth trees and the additions they have added. Oh and incidentally, not all the yards are this nice.

So, the next time you go for a walk in your neck of the woods, ask yourself if you’re seeing the weeds, or are you seeing the flowers?

Spring bloomAfter all, even dandelions can look nice if you look at them the right way. Click on it…


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