Rotax Challenge Racedays

Rotax Raceday

May 19th & 20th @ Greg Moore Raceway

Rotax Raceday

Saturday was a pretty good day. The event ran on schedule and weather was cool and relatively clear. Sunday at noon the weather had changed for the worse. The clouds became increasingly dark and the drizzle had turned to rain. Being a full race day, the Race Director declared a wet race. The wet conditions made the track as slick as any frozen pond. One of the drivers commented “it’s like ice racing without the studs”. There were a good number of karts sitting in the weeds after crashing through the tire barriers in the corners. These photos were taken throughout the race event May 19th and 20th. No major wrecks or injuries. I’m always happy to say that! These photos were taken on these two days.

When it rains, they simply put on the rain gear.

Rotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayThis kart lost a wheel in turn 6 and ended up on the other side of the tire wall after turn 7.Rotax RacedayRotax RacedayLining up for a rolling start.Rotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayThe Race Director inspecting a damaged kart after colliding into a tire wall.Rotax RacedayAnother kart off the track facing the other way under very slippery conditions.Rotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayRotax RacedayAs you can see, it was an exciting day of racing. Rotax RacedayNext post I’ll give you a closer look at the “Rotax DD2″. A Direct Drive Two Speed Kart

I really must take this opportunity to apologize for the clarity and quality of some of these photographs. There was an issue with my camera, and it became a battle to focus. Hopefully the problem has been solved.



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