You call that intelligent?

Some Peoples Kids


We all sow our wild oats at some point in life. Most of us have done stupid and thoughtless things during this critical growing and learning faze of life. It’s a shame though when some of our younger generation do not understand the amount of damage they are inflicting with these senseless acts of vandalism or violence.


Last night about 10:45pm, two very nice and very new vehicles (probably daddy’s cars) pulled up at the side of the property, three or four people jumped out and kick in our fence. After the damage was done, the little creeps simply got back into their respective cars and drove away. I think they actually had the balls to drive down the road a ways, turn around and come back to drive slowly by in order to inspect the damage they had done.


The incident was reported to RCMP and we were informed that there had been three or four other calls, all the same descriptions and the same type of damage in the neighborhood. This isn’t simply a matter of forking out the cash to an insurance company or a fencing firm, which in our case will tally up to about $2000.00, it is also a violation to the occupants of the home. This type of destructive behavior can disrupt sleep patterns as well as take away that secure feeling every home owner should be able to enjoy. We all work hard for what we have and we all work equally as hard to maintain what we have. Continued vandalism or violent acts with in a community can have a negative effect on the value of the homes in the area.


So to those who would do such damage, beware! Most quite neighborhoods are vigilant in the protection of the property and people. Once something like this has happened, the entire “hood” wakes up.


That’s my rant for the week!


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