Jake Hayes

Jake Hayes of Jake Hayes RacingJake Hayes and Jake Hayes Racing

Jake and Jake Hays Racing along with the ultimate support of his parents have been a dominant racing figure and a driving force behind  the motorcycle racing sport here at Greg Moore Raceway now in their second year. This year Jake has a new bike and new sponsors. He has been consistently been getting faster and better almost every race. His training has been on going and handled by the very competent Scott Borthwick of Scott Borthwick Racing and Inside Racing School. Scott’s history in the motorcycle racing industry is very well rounded.

At the age of ten, being four foot four inches tall and all of 49 pounds, Jake appears to handle the bike as well or better than many of his older adversaries on the track. In the photo below Jake is accepting a second place award for one of the races he participated in on the 27th of May.

Jake Hays at Greg Moore Raceway

I think the photograph says it all. These other fellows in first and third are not bad racers at all. It’s just that Jake “is” that good.

These three photos are of Jake last year. At the beginning of the season this talented young racer was eight years old. This was Jake’s first race.

Lining up at the gridCorner #3 @ GMRChasing 'em down

OK…that was last year. Now have a look at this year.

Jake 08He still runs the same lucky number 08.

Banking in corner #11 @ GMRCorner #9 @ GMRCorner #3 @ GMRJake Hayes 08It’s interesting to watch this young racer grow and learn. It’s also rewarding to be involved in his racing career, even in a very small way. Our next motorcycle race event is being held on June 17,2012 here at the Greg Moore Raceway. If you would like to see Jake take control of his race machine and make it perform the way it should…come out to the track.


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