Power of the Passed

Power of the Passed in (HDR)

Power of the passed consists of a group of photos that I took at a the Heritage Park in Chilliwack back in 2010. They looked a little flat at first sight, so I ran them all through a High Dynamic Range (HDR) program in order to give them a slightly “surreal” look.

Power of the PassedTo say there are true HDR images would be not quite true. An HDR image is the use of three identical photographs that are exposed differently. One would be at normal exposure, one under exposed, and the other would be over exposed. The HDR program can combine all three photos into one image, which you have control over. You can use more than three exposures for this, but I find three “specific” exposures works the best. The shots on this post were run through an HDR program using the “Tone Mapping” feature. Tone mapping will give similar results as HDR while using only the one photograph. The program I use is “Photomatix Pro” and find it to be user friendly. There are many free and paid for programs out there. If you would like to give it a try for yourself I would suggest starting with one of the free programs first before committing to something you spend your hard earned cash on only to find you don’t like it.

Here are a few of the free HDR Programs you can get your hands on…

Luminance HDR, Picturenaut, FDRTools Basic, Essential HDR Community Edition. I can’t vouch for any of these because I haven’t tried them. It’s like anything else, do your homework first. I hope you enjoy the look of these though…

Work HorseMassey HarrisGrandmas GrillPower in pairs

I like the way they came out. If you do decide to try HDR photography, you will also discover which types of photos are most suited for this application. I have quite few other examples of the use of HDR imagery, but it is easy to get carried away. I found I could end up with photos that are so unrealistic, I deleted them as soon as they were processed. Time wasted?? Not at all. Each failure is a opportunity to learn and grow. I’ll put some other shots at a later date….


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