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HDR Images

When working with nature and landscapes, often you may find your photos somewhat bland. They miss the mark or just seem to be plain flat. Sometimes this is where HDR Tonemapping can come in handy. The photo above was taken at the Vedder River during the winter. The colors on the original are pretty bland. With a little help this turned into a very nice shot.

HDR ImagesThis is the Vedder Bridge taken from the Cultus Lake side. Looking at it from this direction the Vedder River is to the left and the Chilliwack River is to the right. The Chilliwack River originates south of here across the international boarder and empties into the southern end of Chilliwack Lake here in B.C.. From the lake it flows almost parallel with the boarder to this point, at which it changes name. The photo was taken on a bright sun filled autumn  day. I had to stand there for almost 10 shots and half an hour before I could get one without the bridge being full of traffic. (Cultus can be very popular)

HDR ImagesWhile standing on the bridge, you can see part of the Rotary Trail running along side the river. It’s a beautiful place to jog, cycle, ride horse back or just sit and relax on one of the many benches provided along the way.

HDR ImagesThis part of the path is just a little further along. It still follows the Vedder River just off to the left. On the right hand side is the old military base, newly rebuilt and renamed Garrison Crossing. It’s a  combination of housing, commercial, university and a state of the art training facility used by all facets of the Canadian Police, Fire, and Emergency Response personnel. I like the fact they didn’t cut down all the trees to build an ugly condo on a brand new piece of concrete.

HDR Images

I must say though…this photograph shows the main reason I love to walk this path with camera in hand. Look at that! Not a soul in site. Oh…did I mention the fishing?

Welcome to my world.

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7 thoughts on “HDR & Landscapes

  1. I think the first photo, the winter one, was by far the best. The other ones were far too saturated for my taste. Just my opinion though.


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