Alex and Jenny

Alex and Jenny are our new tenants…

That is the title of a children’s book I’ve put together… It is about two small birds that have moved into the bird house in the back yard.

I noticed these birds while having my morning coffee out on the patio the other day. I had been concerned that they may have moved on, because I had taken the “house” down for a day while repairing the fence in the back yard. I was pleasantly pleased to see they had returned and snapped these photos.

At this point, these are the photos I’ll be using in the book. If I decide some are not the quality I would like to see, I’ll simply retake them.


This is the front cover…

Alex& Jenny Cover front

Alex&Jenny-1Alex&Jenny-2Alex&Jenny-3Alex&Jenny-4Alex&Jenny-5Alex&Jenny-6Alex&Jenny-7Alex&Jenny-8Alex&Jenny-9Alex&Jenny-10Alex&Jenny-11Alex&Jenny-12Alex&Jenny-13Alex&Jenny-14Alex&Jenny-15Alex&Jenny-16Alex&Jenny-17Alex&Jenny-18Alex&Jenny-19When the book is done I’ll make it known here. All the photos must be re-sized and cropped for the book. And of coarse the water mark will have to come off.


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