To Studio or Not to Studio, that is the question

To Studio or Not to studio, that is the question

If you’ve read my “About” page, you know I have no intentions of opening a studio at this particular time. However, with a service like “Casual Portraits” it seems difficult not to. Not true!

Backyard Studio

Backyard StudioTaking a look around “my world” I realized there’s an outdoor studio right here in my backyard.(ok I knew it was there all along. but you didn’t)

If you take into consideration the natural light, the natural surroundings, the time of day and the fact that I have a service  “Casual Portraits” this makes scene. (well to me at least)

In this short article, I’ve identified five different backgrounds suitable for a wide variety of poses. The photo to the left is suitable for three quarter length and head & shoulder shots for up to five people. These photos are some of the natural backgrounds that make up about half the useable “background areas” in the yard.

I’m sure you can see the potential here. There are cozy nooks and hide-a ways as well as room for larger groups up to eight or ten adults. You could even fit a dog and a cat in there too. All too often I’ve heard “if only I had…” or “sure you can, look at what you’ve got…” The thing is, you should use the tools you have to the fullest extent of their capabilities, along with a full understanding of how the tools work, and use your knowledge to the fullest extent of your abilities. Taking advantage of all that you have can be a fun learning experience that you might not otherwise enjoy if you continue to wait for something you don’t have. You never know, you might have more than you think…

Randy & Noodle


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