The Racetrack Rocks in the Rain…

PCMRC Round #3 and the Gold Cup Series…

“More than a little concerned that we will get rained out tomorrow at round #5 of the 250 Gold Cup Series at Greg Moore Raceway here in Chilliwack”…That was my post in Facebook just before the races. Yes I was right it did rain, and No, we did not get rained out.

Jake Hayes racing in the rain.

The club race #3 for the PCMRC, and the continuing series for the 250 Gold Cup went ahead as planned.

Down the straight to the finish.

We did see rain off and on throughout the day, but it didn’t bring us to our knees.(although I’m sure some were praying)

Once again I found myself in the precarious position of playing a role in the operation of the races. And once again I found I couldn’t complete the task of covering the races in a photographic manner as I would have liked. But there again not all is lost. Even though I was working in the “starter” position, I did manage to get a few good shots in.

These are mostly photos of the club race.(I’ll get to the Gold Cup in another post)

Turn #12

The Ladies race went ahead as planned, only with fewer competitors.

Fortunately it stayed dry for this race…

Helping out.

The photo on the left is a good example of the type of people you’ll find with this club. One rider stopping during practice, to help another rider out of a jam.

And below…Jake is getting some mechanical help.

mechanical help

Like I said earlier… “once again I found I couldn’t complete the task of covering the races in a photographic bla bla bla…”

Well here’s a treat.

Peter ClassenYup…he’s taking pictures. You can find them on the club Facebook page or go to his web site. He’s a local photographer from Chilliwack. His work is outstanding. Check out his site for much more than the races too.


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