Food Photography

FoodWe all eat, so we should also cook.

I have a love of creating almost anything that is worth of taking time out of our busy day to enjoy. This goes for everything from a wind chime to  a refurbished bicycle, and a great meal is no different. I don’t have any experience in food photography. (I’ll be the first to admit that) But I do love to cook and do have experience in creating great tasting food. I can also shot (what I think are) great photographs. With that in mind I’m bringing you some of the tasty photos for you to feast upon with your eyes.


These tasty Croissants are filled with a cream cheese and blueberry mixture that was lightly sweetened with fresh honey.

FoodA Peppered Maple Syrup Ham with pan fried potatoes, eggs over easy topped with a sharp cheddar cheese, whole wheat toast and fresh cherry tomatoes and green grapes.

FoodA medley of Ham, Onions, Mushrooms and Potatoes smothered in cheese and served on two fried eggs as a base, with fresh tomatoes and whole wheat buttered buns on the side.


A couple of salads to go with Brunch…

Any fruit will do. That’s my motto when it comes to fruit salads. I added a little fresh mint to this salad.  No sugar!!

FoodThis Green salad was put together using Butter Lettuce and fresh Cucumber. The Orange segments were halved and complemented the Orange Vinaigrette.


FoodSpeaking of Brunch…

The Omelet…Italian style. This has been a favorite of this family for several years now. There are as many recipes as your imagination will allow. It’s a great way to use up all the little left overs in your fridge. Any meat and an assortment of fresh veggies sauteed together over a medium high heat, six or seven eggs well beaten, topped with fresh sliced tomatoes and a sharp cheddar cheese. Be sure to have your oven hot and on broil, because that is where this delicious cast iron fry pan full of goodies goes next for about ten minuets. Keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t burn.

FoodThis one  has Chicken, Mushrooms, Sweet Bell Peppers and Onion. It  was then topped with Parmesan Cheese.


I’ve got more, but I’ve also got a lot to do today, so I shall leave it at that for today.

Any comments on the Photography or the food would be appreciated…


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