The Next Generation (part 1)

I gave this a lot of thought before I even tried to formulate a plan. The position I’m in restricts my photo taking opportunities a great deal here at the track. I don’t know if I’m more valuable as an official, or as a photographer.(or at all) By writing this, it might help me to make a decision. Part two of “The Next Generation” will touch on the motorcycles, the officials and the support these young racers have at their disposal.

This is the place it all begins…

GMR HDRThe race track! The second home away from home. The next generation of racing stars are born and nurtured at small tracks just like this one all around the world. Here you will find the next Mario Andretti, A.J. Foyt, Jackie Stewart, Valentino RossiJorge Lorenzo or the racer this track is name for, Greg Moore.

The newbiesThey learn at an early age how to pose with their favorite ride, get around the paddock and how to attract attention in a way that everyone loves to see. But first, they must learn to race…

All New DriversThey will find a lot of support out there. They’ll be tutored and instructed in all the fine arts involved in the racing sport.

They’ll learn from family…

Madona RacingThey’ll learn form professionals…

Gold Cup 2011

They’ll learn from the race officials…

Race DirectorAnd they’ll learn from each other.

Kiddin' around1st Place!Why do they do it? For the companionship, friendship, competitiveness, the podium, the glory, the fun, the fun, the fun.

If you ask them, the first thing they will tell you is “it’s fun”.

Make no mistake here though. Each and every one of these young competitors is just that. A competitor. They want to win.

When the suit and helmet go on, you can feel the determination and the competitive spirit flow out of each and every one of these kids.

The youngest driverI'm gona do it!I'm gona do it!This is what they do. And do it well. But they are kids.

The discussionAfter a race they laugh and joke around just like any other kid. But if you listen to the conversation, you might hear, “you should have…I should have…” and it’s all about the race.

Like I said, that’s what they do.

RacingRacingMadona Racing

Your comments would be much appreciated…and I’ll post Part Two very soon.

More on Greg Moore Raceway and the racing community…


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