250 Gold Cup (round seven)

The 250 Gold Cup 2012

David Vu #35-2I’ve written about the Gold Cup series before. This time rather than write about the outcome of the event,  I thought I’d highlight one of the competitors.

This is David Vu, from Vancouver B.C. riding his 250 Honda at the Greg Moore Raceway in the 250 series, round seven. David gave a respectable performance on Sunday and finished up on the podium in third place.

You may (or may not) recognize some of the photos. I’ve published some of these in regards to the 250 Gold Cup in other posts. In any case enjoy these shots of David at Greg Moore though out this season.

David Vu #35-11

David Vu #35-3David Vu #35-4David Vu #35-5David Vu #35-6David Vu #35-7David Vu #35-8David Vu #35-9David Vu #35-12David Vu #35-1

Oh ya…I almost forgot. Don’t forget about this guy. He’s been out and about taking some very fine photos.

Peter Classen

You can see some of them on Peter’s web page or this Facebook page.

You’ll also find some of my shots on my OST’s Facebook page or on the PCMRC Facebook page.


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