The old “Olds 88”

1958 Oldsmibile-88Olds 88 tailight and finI was at the “Mission Raceway Park” on Saturday August 25. I came across this 1958 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. I had a great time talking to the owner and learning some of the history of this old beast. The car as seen here is stock other than a few ignition modifications. Apparently 1958 was the last year GM allowed the designers to come up with whatever they thought was a great design. If you look closely at this car you can see they were all very much influenced by the aeronautical industry. Turn this four wheeled monster on its tail end and it looks like a rocket of the day. These days are long gone now though. The chrome, unique taillight design, fins and large bumpers that could stop a train are all a thing of the past. I think it’s healthy to look to the passed if we want to see the future. Enjoy this look at a cutting edge design of the day.

Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88Olds 88I almost forgot…it’s a daily drive as well.


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