The Things We Did (my son & I) #1

This is an adventure at a motorcycle show

Eyeballing that scooterOne of the many things we did, was attend a local motorcycle show. Now being me…there are about 250 photographs from the show. I don’t think anybody would be able to look at all of them without eventually saying something like “enough already” or “I can’t take it any more” … so I simply put a few collages together for you to mull over with the exception of the photo of Randy eyeballing the scooter on the left of the screen. It’s old…

As always, I hope you enjoy these.

Old schoolNow that’s old school…

Bigger engine than my first car...This Honda six cylinder motorcycle engine is bigger than the engine in my first car. Go figure…

A work in progressA work in progress…

A 1912 ride...1912 Minneapolis motorcycle. Not too often you can come across one of these.

Scott Motorcycles a time forgottenI have no idea what year or model this old Scott is…

A daily ride in the parking lotA daily ride we found in the parking lot.

An assortment we foundThis is simply an assortment of the old and new we came across at this show.Yup...all kinds of bikes!

I couldn’t resist…


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