The Things We Did (my son & I) #2

First attempt…

One of the events we engaged in was the Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club (PCMRC) National Races at Greg Moore Raceway (GMR) in Chilliwack.

PCMRC Nationals

I was asked to do the scoring for the event. I had some experience with the transponder system and scoring software they use, so I guess I was the logical recruit. These arrangements were made before Randy came down for a visit. That didn’t slow him down much thou. He was a great help in the tower at the scoring booth, and when he wasn’t needed…he picked up my camera and went to work. These are his photos of the event that he took in his spare time.

Jake HayesPCMRC NationalsPCMRC NationalsPCMRC NationalsPCMRC NationalsJoey TylsJake HayesJake HayesJake Oh EightI have to ask myself…What did my first photos look like????

I almost forgot…he took this one while was busy and didn’t even notice.

Me at the computer in the tower...

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