The Things We Did (my son & I)

This is just a short note…

Randy at the rail bridge over the Vedder RiverMy son, Randy came out this way for a three week visit this month. That’s my excuse for not posting anything for the last month or so.

We had a blast just doing whatever we decided to do. He has a passion for so many of the same things I do. Little wonder being his Dad I guess.

The love of building anything with whatever is on hand…

Exploring the great trails in the area on bike…

Almost anything that has to do with creativity…

And did I mention his growing interest in photography…

So I’ll be posting some of our highlights here under the heading

The Things We Did (my son & I)

I sincerely hope you’ll stop in to catch all the updates from the last three weeks while he was here.

We really did have fun!


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