The Things We Did (my son & I) #3

A Pottery Shop in Yarrow

OpenWhile on his visit, Randy thought it would be nice to visit a local pottery shop. So we decided to cross the river and travel the mountain road to Yarrow. Our destination was “Ted Driediger’s Pottery Shop.” One look at the shop entrance and you can just tell Ted has a flare for design. The interior was no exception. This is not to belittle the amazing pottery he creates as well. While Randy acquainted himself with the finer points in the art of pottery creation, I wondered around the grounds for a closer look. Ted had told me his family used to gather at his home and have photo sessions on site, but I didn’t think he had gone to this extent. I had fun just snapping these shots of his back yard. But first I grabbed a few for inside. I’ll have to go see him again one day soon and finish my little sneak peak.

on the wallsnooks and cranniesThe outsidethe wagonmore outsideJDJDJohn Deere

Works of artThe works of art on the shelves…

Please take note;

Not all these photos were taken at the pottery shop. They fit in well with the others so I decided to include them here. They are the “Wagon” and the “Tractor” which we found on one of our extended bike tours. All the others are from Ted’s shop.

And Randy found the coffee mug he wanted…

Look for his sign on Yarrow Central Road in the thriving metropolis of Yarrow, B.C.

41640 Yarrow Central Road, Yarrow B.C.  Phone: 604 823 6961


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