The Paramount

The Paramount Theater…

Paramount-1This old theater is slated for demolition here in Chilliwack. Our town council has made the decision even though there has been a persistent outcry from the public sector. A call for proposals was sent out. Time and time again the proposals were turned down for one reason or another. The meticulous preparation for a “use” of this landmark building, is beyond my ability to comprehend. Having failed, the town moved more swiftly to have it destroyed than they have ever moved on any issue. After all it took two years to paint a crosswalk across a very busy roadway in order to allow safe access to an elementary school. An architect friend of mine felt this building would stand longer than either one of us will. The roof may fail, but the structure is sound. We have a dying or dead downtown core. We also have more “parking lots” than we have cars needing a place to park. Access to the interior of this structure has been denied for safety reasons, otherwise I would have taken some photos of the grand lobby and balcony stairway. Having said all that…this should show as a strong reminder that progress stands still for no man. Just like the Drive-in theater, A&W Drive-in, the Dog & Suds or the old swimin’ hole, all things old will pass with time. Preservation of these relics of the passed should be captured while they are still in operation or at least open to the public even if special permission is required. Because when they’re gone, it’s just too damn late.


the lot where the paramount once stood
Where the Paramount once was…




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