Ten Favorites

Ten favorite shots

Recently one of the photography groups I belong to put up a challenge to post our “Ten Best” photographs. I think my comment was something like “Ooooo my…” Think about it. How do you come with “ten best” when you might be producing 5 -10 thousand photos a year? My friend Peter was really thinking when he came up with this one. But we all bellied up to the bar, so to say, and accepted the challenge other than it is being treated as “My Ten Favorites”

I’m the worst person in the world to be judging my own work. So without further comment, here they are.

Another shot of the same tractor.
Steel Wheels

An old John Deere

Head and shoulder shot.
Blue Eyes…
Double exposure
35mm film in camera double exposure with a single off camera strobe.

A low shot of a cat.A black dog on green grass.Close up of a wild mushroom.A "Macro" photo of a sea shell.Panoramic view of the Chilliwack River Area.

The Vedder Bridge.
The Vedder Bridge in Vedder Crossing.

I would really appreciate some honest comments on these photos. Like stated in the beginning, I’m the worst person to judge my own work.



Your time is valuable, but I'd still like to know what you think...

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