I’m Challenging Myself!

Photographic Challenges…

I’ve decided to “Challenge” myself to a series of photo shoots of separate and different ideas…It will serve to get me out of my element a wee bit and keep me out and about shooting something I may not otherwise shoot.

A link to this post can be found under “Galleries/Challenges” in the main menu, and the projects completed will will be posted in the same place as pages of their own. In other words…go to Galleries, then Challenges, then the project you want to look at, for example (Doors)

I challenge you to follow along and do the same. The rules and projects are geared towards anyone with an eye for photography and can be started in any month you like. The equipment used is of little or no consequence, provided you know how to use it correctly and post your very best shots for the project. Send me a link to your “Projects” (blog, fb, G+, etc…)and I’ll post them all here.

Because this is all new to me, I guess it’ll be a work in progress. I’ve come up (12) twelve ideas, one for each month.

I am thinking perhaps up to ten (10) photos per challenge posted once per month. I’ll try to keep the photos in a (wide screen) 5:3 landscape format at 1200 – 1000 px wide. Our monitors aren’t designed for the vertical format.

The Rules…

  1. All original and current shots. (no recycled photos)
  2. No special lighting or backgrounds.
  3. Standard “Cropping, Retouching and Color Correction”
  4. Tone Mapping” can be used provided the original shot is included.
  5. No advanced “Manipulation” or single click actions allowed.(such as instagram or others found in Picasa)

The Projects…

  • (January) Pairs Birds, cats, people shoes… you get the idea.
  • (February) Street Any photograph taken on the street. People, weather, buildings…
  • (March) Spring
  • (April) Doors The doors, door knobs, hinges, locks and knockers.
  • (May) Emotions Any photograph that brings out an emotional reaction.
  • (June) Summer
  • (July) Textures All things with texture and close up. Macro should work well here.
  • (August) Food we Love Anything that is a joy to eat.
  • (September) Autumn
  • (October) Halloween Use the imagination here.
  • (November) One Room Only The idea here is to lock yourself in a room and take all your shots in that room only.
  • (December) Winter/Christmas

Good luck to any and all that take up this challenge.

Double Exp
Convincing myself it’s a good idea…



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