A Family Portrait Forgotten

A Family Portrait Forgotten, and Restored

This family portrait had been tucked into a photo album for about 75 years. There are only two survivors of the original eight. There are however a large number of descendants from this family of which I’m proud to say I am one. It was a challenge and an honor to restore this photo so it can claim its rightful place on the “Family History Wall.”

Before & After

This is how it was found, pasted into the album. Not wanting to damage the original print, it was scanned into the computer directly from the pages of the book.

As Received
This is how it was found…

You can see the blue color shining through. That’s the surface and texture of the paper you’re seeing. It’s almost like a cloth. The enlarged area clearly shows the texture. The other big issue is the over exposed and washed out areas within the print. In a case like this there simply is no information to be gleaned from the photograph. When that happens, you make it up as you go.

The texture and blue color on the lower part of the print

When all was said and done, this is what I called finished. At first glance I thought it looked slightly painted. But as it will be printed on canvas, I think that may even enhance the end result.

Finished Product
Click on the photo for a larger image (10×14)

I hope you enjoyed this look into the past with me. If you have something like this that deserves to be resurrected, contact me.

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