Early Architecture

A Fine Example of Early Architecture

I still believe this is one of the finest examples of architecture from the early 1900’s that can be found in the Fraser Valley.

Side view of the old chilliwack city hall
The Old City Hall

The Township of Chilliwhack was incorporated in 1873, the third municipality in British Columbia. Note – The City of Chilliwack lost the “h” in the spelling when it was incorporated in 1908.

Chilliwack City Hall was designated a national historic site of Canada because:

  • it is typical of a class of modestly scaled civic structures built in many smaller centers in the early 20th century;
  • it is the only pre-1930 Canadian municipal hall constructed entirely of reinforced concrete and displays classically inspired styling, unusual for such a building in this period; and
  • it also served as an architectural symbol of civic pride for the local community.

The building completed construction in 1911 originally housed the Courts, Police and the City Chambers.

The staircase of this wonderful building has been the setting for countless wedding photographs and portrait shoots through out the years. You can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Original 1912 photo of Chilliwack City Hall
Chilliwack City Hall 1912
The front stairs of the old city hall
Chilliwack City Hall 2013 (Built in 1911)
The front steps of the Chilliwack City Hall 1911
The front steps of the Chilliwack City Hall Built in 1911
The restored image of the City Hall 1912
The restored image of the City Hall 1912




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