Chasing Dew Drops

Chasing dew drops is much like chasing light. They can both be elusive and change at a moments notice.

Dew drops sitting on a clover leaf. Black & WhiteThese are not really dew drops. But if had called them rain drops, you may have imagined the falling rain or the splash of a rain drop in a puddle. So for the sake of simplicity and honesty, I’ve just told you the truth about these photos.

These shots were taken in “Macro” allowing for a nice close and clear shot. The only issue I can think of, (if there is one) would be the narrow depth of field. So if you ever think you may try some “Macro Photography” just keep that in mind. By all means though, do try this type of photography. It can give you a new perspective and be very rewarding.

Click on any photo for a larger view (Enjoy)

Wild Pink Rose
Wild Pink Rose-1

For more photos like the “Rose” above visit this page.

Let know what you think of these Macro shots…



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