Veteran’s Day 2013

A Photo Exposé – Veteran’s Day 2013

Vedder Crossing Engineering Base (CFB Chilliwack), Opened February 15, 1941, Closed 1997.

The cenotaph at CFB Chilliwack on 11/11/2013
The cenotaph at CFB Chilliwack on 11/11/2013

I felt privileged to attend the one of the many “Veteran’s Remembrance Ceremonies” today. It was fitting that on this day the leaves were all yellow and red, the sky was grey and the wind was cold. Yet the turn out in this inhospitable weather was outstanding. I was amazed at the sheer number of people who stood silently shivering as the memorial continued.

In this day and age you don’t have to go very far to meet someone to whom this day has a profound meaning. Many a young Canadian has been lost or broken in one of the many conflicts that Canada has taken part in. This includes not only the wars we’ve taken part in, but also the twenty-seven peace keeping missions from around the world.

We can be proud of our forces, and we must stand by their side not only on this day of remembrance but every day. As you look through the photos on this page, you can see the pain and suffering in many of the faces as they remember. You will also see the pride our veterans carry so quietly in their hearts.

Veteran's Day Cover PhotoA series of shots from the remembrance ceremonies at Garrison Crossing.

Those whom have served those whom still serve, and those whom will serve.



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