Water, for Fishing, Swimming and Drinking…

Water, for Fishing, Swimming and Drinking… and protecting.

“Canada Water Week” is a week-long celebration of water from coast-to-coast-to-coast, held annually during the third week of March to coincide with “World Water Day” on March 22.

A title shot of the Vedder River as seen from the Peach Road parking lot.
The view of the Vedder River from the Peach Road parking lot
A description of the trail we walked
A description of the trail we walked

In Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley in general, we are blessed with a vast array of clean fish bearing water systems ranging from small trickling streams to the mighty Fraser River which incidentally is the most productive salmon river in the world. As defined by “Canadian Geographic” we are located in the Lower Fraser watershed. You can locate your watershed by following this link at Canadian Geographic “Protect Your Watershed

Monday the 17th of March was a kick off for this week long celebration. A group of us got together at the Peach Road parking lot on the Vedder River Rotary Trail for an interesting and informative walk. The walk was hosted by the “Water Wealth Project” located here in Chilliwack.

A photo of the Rotary Trail we walked
The trail we walked
(left to right) Sheila Muxlow, Larry Commodore and Natalie Jones
(left to right) Sheila Muxlow Campaign Director, Larry Commodore and Natalie Jones

Offering a wealth of information were Natalie Jones and Larry Commodore, both community advisors for the Water Wealth Project, Rachel Drennan from the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition and Dean Werk from Great River Fishing.

Just a couple of interesting notes here…

  • Larry had a wealth of historical information on this river. One of the interesting points he made was the Chilliwack/Vedder River System is the only river system in Canada that has four different names starting at Chilliwack Lake the Chilliwack River wanders west until the Vedder Bridge where its name changes to the Vedder River. From here it flows to Yarrow where it takes a right turn and becomes the Vedder Canal, this in turn flows into the Sumas River before ending in the Fraser.
  • Rachel was interesting to listen to as she spoke about habitat restoration and spawning channels in a variety of river and streams. She is also very well versed on the plant life located along the river. She had pointed out that some of the plant life were not indigenous to the area and could actually be house plants that were actually planted by people who may not understand the consequences of their action as it relates to the environment.
Dean Werk of Great River Fishing
Dean Werk of Great River Fishing
  • Dean pointed out there are more “Rod Hours” on this river than any other river in North America. That can be interpreted as every hour spent fishing on this river equals one rod hour. He also noted the importance of this river system as far as economic and recreational value to the community and area in general.
Children on our walk.
keeping warm…

It was great to see as many kids out as we did. Even though the weather didn’t really want to cooperate with our plans, the children kept busy enough to stay relatively warm.

You can click on any of these photos for a larger view…

There are two more events coming up…

One is the “Wet Your Whistle” being held at Major League Pub, 45768 Gaetz Street, a great way to meet up with likeminded people and support a worthy cause…

The other is a “Celebration of World Water Day” come out and join in at Central Community Park 45951 Victoria Ave.

Check these events out. You’ll have a great time.



One thought on “Water, for Fishing, Swimming and Drinking…

  1. Hey, Cliff, great photos! And great summation of our event. Got two retweets of this blog, from folks I don’t even know!


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