Nice things people say

Recommendations and nice things people have said…

From Pat:

April 20,2012

OST Photographic Services

Dear Sirs:

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the help youMan & His Dog gave me in the preparation of a number of photographs that I wanted at my husband’s recent Memorial Service at Woodlawn Mt. Cheam Funeral Home. Your efforts made it extremely easy for me to take the pictures you had scanned and turned into a CD which I then had developed into pictures for display around the reception room were a very good representation of Graham at his best remembered. Under the circumstances at the moment knowing that this was being handled in such a fast and efficient manner and to produce the quality of pictures for which I could not find all the negatives was a major relief.

Thank you so much, Cliff, for all your efforts.


From Peter:

Hey Cliff…how cool was that?  I am so happy for you.  Spring BloomYour ‘Spring Bloom’ collection and ‘Walk About’ photos reinforces the fact to me that we do know all of the natural beauty surrounding us but fail to take the time to look or more importantly see it…yes, I am sometimes guilty of that myself.   I was most impressed with the restoration possibilities…I knew this type of work is being done but when it is done and done so well by someone I know…that makes it extra special.  It is obvious this is a passion for yours…it is clearly evident through your eye for composition, layout and design.  You are also no slouch when it comes to the fine and almost lost art of storytelling.  Reading your words...I am assuming they are your words for I can almost hear you talking as I was reading...reminds me of the way an Elder would tell you a story or simply talk to you.


I have since taken “Spring Bloom” down. Have a look here instead…


Norm Hayes CommentThis is the link Norm mentioned “Jake Hayes



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