After the Restoration

What to do after Digital Restoration?

Well that can be a loaded question. It all depends on you and your vision.

For example if you had an old family portrait restored, you would more than likely have it printed framed and hang it in a prominent place. Give some thought to a canvas wrap or high quality paper stock. This portrait was printed at 10×14 inch.

Fast Family

Others may look better as a 5×7 shelf portrait

Shoe Store

If you have a group of these all relating to a single theme, try having them printed as a uniform collage like this 11×14.


If you really want to make a statement, try an 18×36 like this one.


Architectural and/or historical photos may look better with a border and description. These look great in the office or waiting room.

Skedans 1878
Skedans 1878
Wooden Vedder Bridge 1910
Wooden Vedder Bridge 1910
Vedder Bridge 2010 12x24
Vedder Bridge 2010 12×24

The same can be said for some family photos…

Robert 1959
Robert 1959
Cliff 1959
Cliff 1959

Regardless of what is done with these treasures of your family and/or community, I do hope they don’t end up on a flash drive somewhere or forgotten in a dusty corner of a junk drawer.

To get this done… Go Here.



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