Event Coverage

A word about “Events” and OST Photographic Services. We are geared towards family, club, social and community events. (grass-roots type of stuff) Private family gatherings such as “the yearly family picnic,” your daughters sixteen birthday, or your 50th wedding anniversary. Any type of club or social event such as amateur sports, fund-raisers, your son or daughter’s soccer league, the church social are all the kind of event we would cover. If you are sponsoring a community event of any kind I can be available for that as well.

This service includes publicity shots as well. Bands, Restaurants, Pubs/Bars or the Party you are going to throw.

Angus Drive Media-5
Angus Drive
Of Lesser Evil







Cost wise… your investment is determined by your needs, the location and the type of event. Call me and we can chat…

Advance booking is advised

Generally speaking… you can expect the following:

  • Consultation before and after the event
  • Basic cropping and enhancements
  • A Digital Proof Gallery of the photos
  • A Print Package of your own design
  • My undivided attention during the event!

 Contact me today… Lets chat.




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