Pets are family too…


Three photos in one of a Cat.
Whiskers (8×20)

Working with pets can be a challenge, but is always rewarding. I look at pets in much the same way as children. The attention span is short, moods can change quickly and sometimes the attitude will prevail.

Our four-legged family members serve to remind us why we should enjoy life. Your Pet Portrait session starts with proper planning and consultation. The most important decisions you must make are the location and the time of day. When choosing a location your pet should be comfortable and familiar with it. The time of day will be a major factor on the lighting for the shoot. And of course, the weather forecast must be taken into consideration if this is out doors. Book well in advance.

If you have one of these wonderful friends and would like a portrait, drop me a note.

You can book a session here.

For more information you can use the “Contact Box” or if you prefer a voice rather than the written word, call me at 604 702 8050. Let’s chat…

A cute little fellow
Milo 2015 (10x28)
Milo 2015 (10×28)



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