Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration: 
The art of repairing and restoring a photograph to a quality
and luster greater than the original.


For the restoration process Follow the links

Memories are not unlike old photographs. They both fade over time. You probably have a shoe box filled to the brim with old photographs tucked away somewhere. I would like to encourage you to take the time to explore these lost treasures. They are a historical account of your family’s ancestry and of a time passed by. They should be passed on to future generations.

Most any damaged or faded photograph can be restored. The majority of photographs I work with fall between 1900 -1970 and most are “Black & White.” The earliest photos are often faded, stained and creased. Size is another issue with these old photographs. They are most often too small to display in a manner they deserve.

Here is a cute little story…

Lasting Impressions

An elderly lady had passed away and left specific instructions with her executor as to the reading of her will. Her son and daughter were summoned to the office of the lawyer in charge. A rift between the two had festered for many years. As they sat in this plush office, the daughter shot a cold glare at her brother as he looked down his nose at her. The well dressed gentleman across from them pulled a large book out and slid it across the desk towards them. “Your Mother wanted you to look at this before the reading of the will” he stated, then rose up from his desk and walked out closing the door behind him. A short while later he returned. He found the two of them in an embrace; giggling and crying what appeared to be tears of joy. The book he had given them was a photo album of them growing up.

A book of Lasting Impressions.

 (As told to me by a friend)

 OK... You've made up your mind to go ahead.

Step #1 how do I get this done…

I’ll walk you through what needs to be done.

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