Delivery of an image

Delivery of an image for Restoration

There are two ways to get a photo to me for restoration. One is to simply package the image(s) between cardboard and mail them to me. Be sure to mark the envelope “Do Not Bend or Fold” and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the originals. Please enclose your contact information including phone number and size of the finished product required.

Contact Cliff for more information... 604 702 8050 or go to the Contact Page

The second way of getting your image to me is by scanning it and emailing the JPG or PNG to me. I would prefer you set your scanner at a minimum of 300 pixels per inch. (ppi) Please be sure your phone number is included.

I all cases I will examine and estimate the time and cost involved, usually the same day. After the estimation if Canadian I would prefer to contact you by phone. United States clients may be restricted to email only. When using the Canadian postal service, the original is usually postmarked for return the next day.