Examples of Photo Restoration

Enjoy this verity of photographs

This page shows the comparison of before and after…

Before & AfterBefore & After

Before & AfterBefore & AfterBefore & AfterBefore & After

A comparison of a cluttered backgroung to a Portrait.

Go here to see how this was done…

The photos below are from the early 1900’s and the mid 1960’s.Before & AfterBefore & After

A class photo from the early 1940's

1940's School teacher's portrait

Still not sure... Take a look here. Family History
A Definition of Restoration, Retouching and Manipulation.
I have something I’d like to have restored!
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9 thoughts on “Examples of Photo Restoration

  1. I hope my family will never get the idea I should photo restore the thousands of pictures found about our family – some are still silver expositions on glass! I suppose to reach your quality levels several months of work would be required 😀 Nice job you did!


  2. Restoring an old image and giving it back to it’s owner is always very satisfying, but some are not always aware of the time and effort required to complete such a task!
    It is great though to see that people are still interested in restoring something of the past, if we don’t, we will eventually lose it, and that is unfortunate!


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