Restoration, Definitions



Restoration is just as it sounds. Restoring a photograph to a luster and quality equal to or better than the original. Most often these are small, (often only 1.5″ x 3″) old Black & White photos that are faded, stained, creased and/or torn. They can be restored to a true gray-scale (black&white), to a sepia tone (brownish orange) or colour corrected.


Retouching includes the removal of foreground and background objects and/or people from the photo. It also includes things like enhancements to the subject such as teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin tone correction, the softening of wrinkles, etc.


Manipulation of a photograph can mean many things. Superimposing two or more photos (composite), the creation of a collage, or adding something to the photo that was not there. There are as many variations and styles as the imagination will allow.


Everything here will be referred to as “Restoration”



 Follow this link “I want this restored”
Or call Cliff at 604 702 8050


Note: In all cases you are supplying photos that are to be changed in some way by one or more of these services. You will be required to sign a contract outlining the services required, the product requested, the estimated cost to you, terms of payment, estimated time frame and a statement of ownership as to the photographs being altered.

I will stay within your budget and time frame to the best of my abilities. Even with a small project this contract is very important if for no other reason than the “statement of ownership.”





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