Worth the Wait

Some things just take time…

I had received this Polaroid photograph quite a long time ago along with several others for restoration. I worked my way though the others and kept putting this one on the back burner. It was in such bad shape I didn’t even know if I really wanted to tackle it. Eventually I had to make up my mind, shall I, or simply decline. It would have been acceptable by all accounts to decline the restoration on the grounds of the expense. Restoring this photo would take up a tremendous amount of time. In reality, it did.

Because the girl in the photo sitting on your left is a very dear friend and a wonderful lady, I asked if I could restore it at my leisure without cost to her, and then use it on any of my sites as an example of the extensive restoration work that can be done. She said “Yes” and I did just that. Because it was a labor of love, and no money was changing hands, I didn’t keep accurate records of the time involved. So a conservative estimate would be some place beyond the 80 hour mark. Ya…this would have to be a very special photograph if anyone was to pay the price.

Keep in mind all the restoration work I do is in-house, and by hand. I have yet to come across a computer program that can restore any photograph to a pristine condition. If I did, I would most likely stop this service and give you the information needed to buy the program. (and I would be out of a job)

I’ll outline the two issues with this shot, and you can make up your own mind.

  • First off, it is out of focus. That is the one thing that will stop me in my tracks. There are many things I can do in order to increase the clarity of a photograph, but if the focus is off, it can become an exercise in futility.
  • The second issue was the emulsion of the Polaroid was cracked almost everywhere. This is repairable, but the extent of damage dictated the unrealistic costs simply because of the time involved. As I stated earlier, all restoration is done by hand.

So, go ahead and have look. I’m pleased I could do this for someone I hold dear to my heart.

The OriginalThe original

The Focus

Emulsion Cracks-1

Emulsion Cracks-2

Emulsion Cracks-3

The finish print

The finished print

Worth the Wait… Give me a call and Let’s Chat or go here.



One thought on “Worth the Wait

  1. Wow Cliff, are you ever awesome at restoring old cracked up photos! I remember your meticulous hand going over each cracked line and erasing them…with paint…good on you Man! With Respect, Patricia


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